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HP Cloud Service Improvement

Service by The SEO Specialist

This Project was born out of the clients’ frustration. The website site gets jammed with visitors and goes down due to high volume of traffic. We were called to figure out the issues with the website. After a complete analysis, from stress testing we were able to identify what was wrong with the structure and integrity of the site.

Project Detail

Complete analysis was conducted to figure out the issues: the site code or the hosting service. We conducted a series of stress tests for website code by itself and another stress test for the provider server, and another stress test over redundancy. We were able to fix the code on the client’s site and cascade it. Secondly, we marginalized the cloud service to fit the amount of traffic coming in at the same time, and we created redundancy so when one of the client’s server that hosts the site goes down, the other virtual server goes up to ensure services are running 24/7

ClientHP Cloud
Project Date14 July 2017
Service Page
Total Visit

Boosting Tool

We used different analytics platform to evaluate the client site, as well as the cloud services by working hand-in-hand with the service provider, as well as big data platforms to measure the performance and volume of traffic. Client was extremely satisfied. Their server and cloud hosting were running 24/7, faster than before by splitting the traffic load into two or three virtual servers to reduce crashing. 

SEO Mentor

We like to educate our clients about best practices for SEO when entering new blogs or site

1- header that will describe the product 

2- keywords that most people use on the Internet when searching for an item

3- picture that will be low resolution and a description of that image

If you feel it is too technical, let us handle it for you so you can focus on your business

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1.00% CTR

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22% Less CPA

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303% ROI

Impressive Results

Once again the result were impressive, ROI was 303%