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Real Factory Website SEO Optimization

Service by The SEO Specialist

This project was high profile. It took over two years from building the website, building traffic, to get on Google’s first page for his niche, especially with a high competition to rank. We like to keep some client’s info anonymous. It is highly unlikely to get traffic after building a new website. We were able to start them with 3000 visitors within a three weeks’ period? It took a team of 3 people to increase traffic from 40k per day within a 3-month period to 250k visitors per day towards the end of two years.

Project Detail

Our scope of work was on-page and off-page SEO which was time consuming. We had to build hundreds of backlinks, blogging, and Web 2.0 social likes 

The client website enjoys healthy traffic, and its conversion rate is higher as well.

ClientThe Real Factory
Project DateMarch 2017
Service Page
Total Visit

Know How!

We use the power of social media to our advantage to get the job done. People are always on their mobile devices looking for a product, service, offers, or other people. We take our client and put him or her in front of these audiences, and the magic works itself out.

SEO Words!

As you nail down your audience and industry norms for SEO, keyword research is necessary to pinpoint the best possible user intent to go after and find what your audience is searching for.

But, not only that, what your audience searches for is just as important as how they search for it. Subtle shifts in keyword research can make or break an SEO strategy.

User intent behind keywords is the next thing that is vital to the success of any SEO campaign.

The next big thing that is on everyone’s mouths right now is Google’s mobile-first index. The mobile-first index is Google’s new de facto standard for search, with a focus on mobile websites.

It is important to note that this does not exclude desktop – desktop sites will still perform in search results if they are the best result for the query. But, Google’s move to mobile-first signifies the beginning of a new era – an era of dumbed-down search results for the masses.

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1.00% CTR

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20% Less CPA

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303% ROI

Impressive Results

Do you ever wonder why people don’t succeed in their business? They lack exposure. Companies get cheap on advertising in this emerging market. Everyone competes over the same spot. Let us show you how!