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Project Detail

The company does architectural designs in high rise buildings all around the world. The project scope was the structural model which was sent to the company through email, including all the pictures and projection all at once. The system separates all these documents in a complete project that is connected to AI and Big Data to do a total forecast and all kind of predictions regarding the proposed project, that will all be delivered to the project manager and the decision-maker. Second is ranking the website higher on all search engines.

Project Date23 May, 2019

Web Development

We had our lead programmer working on the structuring of the site and recreate site map alter CSS codes on the website, Alt text to pictures, and compress it. We also worked on the technology end for integration A.I and Big data, Google maps, and document separation process.

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We are a team of experts

Our in-house team has a lot of years of experience in SEO, SEM, PPC from Google ads to social media, especially Facebook and graphic design background. We also hire offshore graphic design and bloggers for particular project assignment — our web designers and digital marketing gurus design websites and banners with vibrant colors that catch your visitors’ attention. Our brilliant content writers get readers’ attention by keeping them interested in staying on your site and purchasing your product or service. 

We are always inquiring talented people to be a part of our team and always seeking the best in the industry to stay on the cutting edge of technology, google search engines, as well as all the local search engine as well.


Impressive Results

Improving the image on the website with a combination of restructured codes, speed, and focused keywords were the key elements of ranking the clients’ website. The result was impressive, and the client continues retaining our services to improve social media and LinkedIn.

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.98% CTR

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22% Less CPA

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350% ROI