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Travel Agency Cloud Service Improvement

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This company is out of Europe. Major destination for traveling clients and family vacation. They also serve other websites booking these vacations.

Project Detail

When it comes to website hosting, some companies go cheap and that actually limits the potential of your website traffic and speed. Some companies choose to be on a hosting VPN because the hosting company monitor and maintains the site for them, but the fact is you are limiting yourself from software, application, or even features because of the hosting company restriction. You need a dedicated server where you will be able to install and even expand traffic. Each website hosting companies have what is called load balancing for traffic, but when you share with other clients you will suffer greatly. That was the deal for this company. We were called to look at website structure and codes because in the peak time the server display times out.

ClientTravel Agency
Project Date14 FEB 2015

Know Your Tools

Knowing your tools is crucial when it comes to income stream. Most Fortune 500 companies have their sites up and running on the cloud or dedicated servers where they host their products, services or tech support. They can’t afford to have it down even for a minutes. That way they are careful about where they host their website and whether their provider has cloud instants to accommodate their traffic on the fly. In this case study, we used provider platform with a combination with big Data to find the issues that lies within and our network engineers and website programmers were able to fix the issues again.

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1.00% CTR

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22% Less CPA

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400% ROI