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Political Social Engagement

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This project was created to engage with the public by engaging with social media for a political event. This Project needed public engagement and high response rate through the internet and social media

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Project Detail

Our job was to propagate the proposal and get a public opinion on the matter. We created a blog and forum that is connected with social media. We hit the social media massive blast of ads and likes that led to these pages. We targeted people related to political and nonpolitical in certain states, a lot of manual work, as well as engaging people in conversation. We developed quickly high volume campaign to send feedback about that proposal.

ClientPolitical Agenda
Project Date10 June 2018

Social Media Tools

We’ve used social media large blast ads and likes with hyperlink leads back to the project, and highly engaged with people in conversations and answering related questions. When we were done, we related that result to the campaign manager who was impressed with the result and the response from the public in these states. 

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Impressive Results

The political party was so impressed of the result of a 450% return on their spending budget with the most responded campaign they ever conducted. We continue on working with them in every political agenda they have. We are all about customer satisfaction

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